At Dev9, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver tangible business results to our clients.

We've assembled our success stories across our core software development competencies. 

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Replacement of Two Incumbent Content Management Systems for a Leading Outdoor Outfitter

A leading outdoor outfitter had two CMS platforms after they experienced an incomplete migration. Both were cumbersome, legacy CMS systems that dictated the way content was curated and distributed. This led to a functional - but extremely restrictive - content pipeline that was very difficult to work with. Finally, these systems had high licensing and operating costs. This difficult and pricey situation drove the organization to seek out a new, single, more flexible CMS solution.

Dev9 identified the desired end state and worked backwards. We used Hippo CMS as a headless CMS system to decouple the customer experience from the content structure. This allowed migration from each of the two incumbent content management systems to happen with insignificant disruption. Hippo now allows them to distribute their content in an organization-wide interface by using a search engine. As a result, they are no longer tied to a specific implementation, the system is more robust, new content is created and published quickly, deployments are of smaller size and can be released more frequently, and content can be utilized in more channels than before and with less effort.

Technologies: Hippo, Elasticsearch, Jenkins

Delivered Critical, Large Scale Identity System in Eight Months

One of the world's foremost video game companies was preparing to launch a major piece of hardware for the holiday season, less than eight months away. They needed an identity platform that would support the millions of new users expected to use the new hardware.

Dev9 was brought in to deliver this new identity platform in time for their critical launch. It was clear from the start that Quality and Performance would be critical. Any problems on launch day would lead to a bad consumer experience - and potentially front page bad press. Dev9 used heavy test and performance automation to successfully meet the client's deadline. The system exceeded performance on launch and was cited by the customer as one of the smoothest launches in the history of the company.

Technologies: Spring MVC, TeamCity CI, OAUTH2, Cassandra

Replaced an Underperforming Login System with Robust Scalable Service

A leading entertainment company had an existing login system that was not meeting usage demands and was highly interdependent on existing services. This system was critical to drive many of the consumer interactions with the client's digital properties. The client needed a clean, fast API to share with all of their internal divisions.

Dev9's first goal was to contain complexity so that other internal organizations could build on the service. In addition, these services could have no downtime or disruption. Dev9 built a robust test suite to test the core application. Once these passed, a series of performance tests were run with the underlying components to identify bottlenecks. The implementation continues to be rock solid, handling ongoing growth and seasonal spikes in load without incident. 

Technologies: Spring, JUnit, Gatling, JMeter, Sonar

Major Healthcare Provider Improves Security, Performance and Ease of Maintenance with Move to Modern Platform

A major healthcare provider had critical systems written on a platform that had reached the end of its life cycle. The system underperformed, and it was nearly impossible to find bugs because of its monolithic nature. Finding developers who could work on the system was very difficult. Furthermore, security was paramount and the organization faced a major issue as their platform neared the end of its life and no more security updates were available.

Dev9 analyzed the existing platform and developed a roadmap to replace the single, monolithic application with multiple, interconnected applications. These applications were built using modern service frameworks, leveraging extensive testing for performance, functionality and security. As these platforms were built using a common development platform, hiring new developers to maintain and build on the system was easy. 

Technology: Java, RESTful services

Decreased Annual IT Investment by over 90% for World's Leading Travel Provider

The world's most-recognized travel site was facing rising data storage costs and challenges of addressing governance requirements. Traditional BI reporting was too slow, but the enterprise needed to notify suppliers of event-based changes within its market data.

Dev9 delivered event-based notifications, allowing the enterprise to influence supplier strategy netting more inventory, more price flexibility and more bookings. This was achieved while reducing IT investment from $750k to $42k annually. Now suppliers receive emails and mobile messaging incentivizing new behavior

Technologies: AWS Aurora, Kinesis, EC2 and S3

Rerouted Traffic for one of the World's Largest Online Retailers

A multi-billion dollar online retailer was experiencing downtime at its US data center and wanted to investigate efforts to route traffic. Their web presence had functionality built with dependencies on a monolithic stack deployment. To reach performance goals, many services on the site needed to be re-built and deployed to AWS infrastructure

Dev9 built many JavaScript Services to deliver a single-page Javascript deployment. The resulting solution reduced demand on the data center avoiding downtime and increasing conversaions. 

Technologies: AWS EC2