Dev9 Becomes a Google Cloud Premier Partner for Google Cloud Platform

Dev9, a Kirkland, Washington, software development consultancy specializing in cloud modernization for enterprise and mid-market companies, announced today that it has achieved Google Cloud Premier Partner status. Premier partners have completed extensive technical training, successfully delivered multiple complex implementations on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and met a rigorous set of evaluations to qualify for Google’s highest partner status.

Using Call Graphs to Break Down Monoliths into Microservices

While we have several techniques for code analysis, I want to introduce a new set of tools for everyone. I recently had a challenge to track down which pieces of code eventually touch an external service -- database, REST service, etc. This is easy enough for some simple code, or to find the actual interface points. But if you want to find which service each REST endpoint touches, for example, it can become easy to miss some one-off places. So, like nearly everything else we do, we can automate quite a lot of this!

How Company Culture can be the Biggest Threat to Security

Companies of all sizes and industries vary in software development approach. Company culture and attitudes towards security will determine the quality of software and applications produced. A quality and security focused development culture will help drive good process that protects against common security vulnerabilities and will make product development more predictable and enjoyable. So, how do you know if your organizational culture is affection software and cybersecurity?

Top 4 Reasons Performance Tests are Important for all Software Applications

Performance testing is part of any healthy IT strategy. It’s a given that any application with high-volume usage will undergo regular performance testing. These tests expose faulty assumptions about how apps handle high volume, ensure infrastructure scaling works as expected and identify load-related defects. Performance testing’s ability to detect flaws occurring under high load can help improve applications regardless of scale.

Big Data & Cloud: Transforming Business Intelligence

Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) is rapidly growing as applications that leverage powerful cloud services promise users the tools needed for better business decision making. It offers IT, scalability elasticity, and ease of use. Business users will also find Cloud BI software’s multi-source data discovery and data visualization capabilities appealing.

How T-Mobile is Using Containers in Production to Increase Uptime and Save Money

Since taking off in 2013, Docker has been making waves in technology. Self-described as “lightweight, stand-alone executables package(s),” Docker provides businesses with “standardized units for development, shipment, and deployment.” With proper usage, containers can be an immense Cloud adoption acceleration tool that increases uptime and production.

3 Reasons Microservices Matter to Enterprises

Today’s fast paced and ever-changing world isn’t slowing down. Organizations and their technology departments are increasingly data-centric and striving for agile practices, such as continuous delivery (CD) and microservices. And while the technological benefits of CD and microservices are obvious and direct, enterprise-level benefits is a topic just starting to pick up traction. People are starting to ask: “Why are microservices important to my business as a whole?”