Join Us At SeaJUG

David and I are quite happy to be presenting at the Seattle Java User Group (SeaJUG) on June 21st. SeaJUG is always a lot of fun - a great location on the Seattle waterfront (near Pike's Market). The topics are: Rethinking Users and User Session Management (Will) An evaluation and consideration of the Servlet Session API - developer aid or worst idea ever? Reviewing scale, serialization, clustering, testing, deployment and production implications of the Servlet Session API - and the pros and cons of alternatives.

Web App Testing With Selenium and JUnit (David) A demonstration of using Selenium in JUnit for efficient, repeatable web testing. Examples will cover recording tests using the Selenium IDE Firefox plugin, exporting into JUnit, and running tests in the cloud against selected browser versions using Sauce Labs.

I'm quite pleased by both topics - they cover the use of the cloud and how to use technology to improve developer quality of life (one of my personal areas of interest).

For more information, including directions, check out the SeaJUG website.