Finding The Future

Things in technology are moving fast. I'm mainly a software guy, but the really interesting stuff to me is when the hardware guys do something new that enables an entirely new class of software (for example, laser printers allowing desktop publishing, or sound cards enabling desktop audio listening and production). Microsoft Research has a new interface for interacting with 3D objects, called Holodesk. It's based on the Kinect.

Foxconn is a Chinese company that does the physical assembly of a lot of the electronics made today (iPhones, iPads, and a lot of other smartphones most notably). They are finding it less expensive to switch to robots.

3D printers allow you to create a virtual 3D model, and then print it right from your desk. Desktop models are available now.

I keep thinking that these are just the Apple II or Commodore PET implementations (ask your parents), and really wondering what the next few years are going to bring...