3/29 Seminar: Building Requirements for Continuous Delivery

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Begin At The Beginning:Building Requirements for Continuous Delivery

Intended Audience: Software Technology Management Professionals


Building Requirements for Continuous Delivery refers to the process of creating requirements that result in the release of high quality software: software that is developed quickly and with confidence.  If you find yourself releasing features or products that miss the mark after months of work or are difficult to push to production, this is the presentation for you.

In this presentation, we will examine current industry standard requirements & product backlogs.  We will discuss how to achieve high quality Agile requirements. We'll also discuss strategies for sizing stories appropriately with the focus on keeping your product whole during development, and how to involve the extended team in estimation properly. Other covered topics include:

  • Involving UI, UX and Design
  • Minimum Shippable Features
  • Electronic Tools
  • Estimation
  • Done & Done Done

This seminar is part of series on Continuous Delivery.  Continuous Delivery refers to the process of releasing high quality software quickly and with confidence through the use of build, test and deployment automation. By applying Lean techniques to the development, test and deployment of software, waste is reduced and staff are freed up to work on more important tasks. By following a continuous delivery model, release cycles shift from a matter of months to weeks or days. Key to continuous delivery is the application of tools and processes involved in transitioning from a manual culture to one that embraces automation.

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