Technical Quick Hits

Our team has sent in several links to interesting technical topics - here are a few of them to check out...

Spring Bean Profiles

From Piotr, "Check out this write up I did on using Spring Bean Profiles with with unified property management (both new features of spring 3.1). I specifically wanted to explore the case where different profiles can be triggered by JVM system property but default profile is used if no JVM system property is supplied."

Never Break Your Build With Git

From Mike, "Check out Gerrit ...if you combine this with the Jenkins Pre-Tested Commits Git plugin  you can get Jenkins to do personal "pre-commit" builds...not only that, but the first link is a good git code review works as a repository host so it's easy to push changes to it."

How To Do Dependency Management in .NET

From Will, "On the Java side, the Apache Maven project provides an ecosystem for managing library dependencies.  JFrog and Nexus both support using NuGet to accomplish something similar."

Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive

From Peter: This article provides a good overview of 3 primary types of Business Analytics and discusses tangible forms of business value that can be derived from analytical systems and processes.

Guava Explained

Guava is a fantastic Java utility library. From Gabe: "Here is an excellent set of Guava documentation on the why and how of using Guava.  It discusses each part of the library and the rationale behind it. The text includes a lot of explanation of the craft of code."