Sauce Labs FTW

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Hey! You'd love an integrated strategy for testing all of your web applications, right? Regardless of operating system? Ideally, you'd like to test both desktop AND mobile applications?

Ok - here's what you do. Buy a whole bunch of space, and set up dozens (maybe hundreds) of servers. Provision them all by hand - don't forget all of the OS and browser updates! Lock down a bunch of them to specific versions, and don't let those update. Oh yeah, and figure out how to set up Selenium Grid to work nicely with the iOS and Android browsers - no cheating with Safari desktop or Chrome here, we want the iOS and Android emulators.

You'll have SO much time left over after setting all that up and managing it, you might as well go ahead and throw nicely formatted HTML logs and video recording (with archives!) of all of the tests that are run. Oh, and you should also allow remote access for manual / ad hoc testing as well.

Ok. Maybe not.

Instead, you should check out our friends over at Sauce Labs. They have already done all the work of setting that up for you. Really, really inexpensively.

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. iOS, including both iPad and iPhone. Android. Build your web application and run both automated and manual tests. It's your own private QA lab in the cloud.

We've been using Sauce Labs for years now, and we offer a lot of services around Selenium and Sauce Labs, including training and implementation work.  One of our favorites?  Saving customers time and money by helping them convert from QTP to Selenium.

Take Sauce Labs for a whirl - and tell them Dynacron Group sent you!