Free Seminar: Introduction to Big Data Thursday, April 25, 2013

At Dynacron Group, we love to solve complex challenges, and we love learning new technology while doing it! As it becomes easier and cheaper to collect large volumes of data, technology is evolving to allow us to query and analyze the data.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Data volume is in terabytes, and we are having trouble storing/accessing it
  • We can store terabytes of data, but we have no way to analyze it in a reasonable timeframe
  • We have a database with billions of records, and need a 12-table join in real-time to get an answer for a webpage, but it brings the whole system down
  • We need to support thousands of writes per second, or tens of thousands of reads per second, with latency under 10ms.

In this presentation, we will take a whirlwind tour of Big Data as an abstract concept that’s been popularized over the past several years. We will explore some use cases where Big Data helps deliver value, and also talk about where it might not be the right solution.

After the general overview, we will go into some detail on several different packages that we have used ourselves. Choosing the right package is critical to getting the most for your investment, and we will explore the strengths, weaknesses, and our work in:

  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4j

Dynacron Group has deployed these systems with terabytes of data, billions of data points, and tested them for scalability, latency, throughput, and availability. Not only will we share some of our experiences with you, but we will also share some of our experiences when it comes to the challenges of IT teams, developers, staffing, and selling the rest of your team. We will show you how you can ease your company’s data into the future, and how Dynacron Group can help you do it.

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