2/20: Technology Manager's Guide To Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery for Busy People

Modern Techniques for Managing Risk & Budget via Automation

Intended Audience: Software Technology Management Professionals


3:00 PM - Doors Open! Social Mixer, beverages and appetizers

3:30 PM - Presentation

4:30 PM - Open Discussion, beverages & appetizers

Continuous Delivery refers to the process of releasing high quality software quickly and with confidence through the use of build, test and deployment automation. By applying Lean techniques waste is reduced and staff are freed up to work on more important tasks. In a successful Continuous Delivery implementation, release cycles shift from a matter of stress-filled months to seamless weeks or days.

In this presentation, we will look at the key tools and processes involved in transitioning from a manual culture to one that embraces automation. We will look at real world examples, including the tools and architectural components. We will discuss organizational impacts, including the dramatic improvements in morale as team delivery commitments are met more easily through automation.

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