Summer of Seminars

Please join us for our June and July seminars in Kirkland, WA!

Introduction to Docker - 6/19

Heard about Docker, but not sure what it is? Interested in learning about how Docker can improve your development speed? How it can help you standardize and improve your environment management? Or how Docker can help you save money and get more bang for your buck with both on-premise environments and cloud-based services?

This hour-long presentation will walk you through Docker in clear, straight-forward language. We will walk you through how to approach Docker PoCs and evaluations, and how to integrate Docker into your existing environment.

Escape The Matrix - 6/26

In this presentation, we'll present a common industry organizational design pattern - the cross-fuctional matrix - and learn how it works, alternatives, and strategies for both mitigation and transformation.

Intro: Cucumber, PhantomJS, Selenium - 7/10

Cucumber is an popular platform for building test suites that are easy for business stakeholders to understand. In this session, we'll introduce and compare traditional JUnit-style tests with Cucumber-style BDD testing. We'll show how to add in Selenium-based testing to automate UI/browser testing, and then we'll show how to use PhantomJS to run those Selenium tests quickly. We'll also talk about how this integrates into a continuous integration environment, and walk through an example of how all of this is hooked together on GitHub.

Introduction To Kanban 7/31

Are you trying to introduce change into your organization, and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? Do you want to move forward with Lean initiatives, but are not sure how to apply them “in the trenches”? Have you adopted Agile principles and practice Scrum, but find it limiting when dealing with multiple teams and/or cross-functional organizations?

Kanban is an increasingly popular system for introducing incremental, evolutionary process into an organization. Based on Lean principles, it offers a way to move beyond basic Scrum and improve process in a consistent, manageable fashion. Dev9 has helped clients transition to Kanban, and we would like to share our engagement experiences.

Please join us for a discussion of Kanban and how it supports more effective technology management!