5 Things We've Learned from being a Disruptive Tech Company


Dev9 is a custom software consulting company. We use Continuous Delivery - a system of automation and pipeline development - to deliver high quality software fast, frequently, and of high quality. Here are five lessons learned by our founders, Will Iverson and Matt Munson in working with our clients over the last six years:

  1. The Robots Are Coming: We help automate the production of software. Smart developers embrace the automation and love it. We are doing everything we can to liberate our engineers and clients from drudgery - we are trying to find the future, not fight it.
  2. Your Mission Drives Company Culture: It’s really hard to retrofit a culture to adopt a new way of doing business. Done poorly, it can kill a company. A lot of our bigger clients are using us specifically to relearn how to build software with automation. It’s fixing the passenger jet while it’s flying - but you have to invest to stay ahead.
  3. People Matter More When You Automate: It turns out that if you have a lot of manual processes, you start to treat the staff as robots! If you use robots for the boring manual stuff, you wind up talking to your coworkers more. The thoughts, opinions, and creative sides of your team have a lot more impact.
  4. Some People Are Empire Builders: Some people approach their career growth as a simple matter of having a lot of people reporting to them. Those people would rather have a hundred manual testers reporting to them than a team of twenty actual software engineers with a focus on testing. If someone believes that, no matter what happens they are never a good client - they would rather fire all the engineers and replace them with a huge manual test organization. These people are usually not managed to results, but just organization size.
  5. Automation is a Force Multiplier: Automation massively drives up productivity. It’s an order of magnitude difference in output. Once it becomes the new normal, nobody wants to go back.