3 Reasons Microservices Matter to Enterprises

Today’s fast paced and ever-changing world isn’t slowing down. Organizations and their technology departments are increasingly data-centric and striving for agile practices, such as continuous delivery (CD) and microservices. And while the technological benefits of CD and microservices are obvious and direct, enterprise-level benefits is a topic just starting to pick up traction. People are starting to ask: “Why are microservices important to my business as a whole?”

Dev9’s experience with various enterprise-level clients has taught us three fundamental long-reaching benefits of microservices. Organizations can:

  1. Easily and quickly embrace different technologies
  2. Mitigate technology adoption risk
  3. Reduce time-to-market

CMS Wire’s recent article, Microservices Make Inroads: Replacing the CMS Monolith, also recognizes microservices as “an increasingly important enterprise issue.” They identify the core “value proposition of microservices… [as the broken down] software platform components that are easier to host, simpler to manage and less expensive overall.”

The article also features an interview with REI IT Dev Manager, Ted Burdett, where he discusses the firm’s transition from EMC Documentum and Adobe CQ to microservices in pursuit of “adaptability” and “agility.”

Burdett states “the shift to Cloud technology…has also made very apparent the operational costs of servers. IT teams are focused on scaling applications to real-time traffic levels, in an attempt to reduce operating waste.” 

Microservices promises an “acceleration of deployment” and a more target problem-solving approach from technology teams, improving both “people and process” As microservices become more common in technological practices, it’s clear to Dev9 that its potential to deliver enterprise-level value and make positive organizational changes will only continue to soar.

Read the full CMS story with REI IT Dev Manager, Ted Burdett, and others.

Written by:
Adam Burke, Director of Client Engagement, Dev9