Big Data & Cloud: Transforming Business Intelligence


Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) is rapidly growing as applications that leverage powerful cloud services promise users the tools needed for better business decision making. It offers IT, scalability elasticity, and ease of use. Business users will also find Cloud BI software’s multi-source data discovery and data visualization capabilities appealing.

State of Cloud BI

Created by merging two increasingly effective business technologies – cloud computing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). These applications provide easy access to BI data such as dashboards, KPIs and other business analytics. Today, 60% of North American organizations are either using or plan to adopt public Cloud platforms for BI. This number increases for small to medium sized firms, at an adoption rate of 78%. However, in order for organizations to leverage Cloud BI solutions successfully, PaaS- and IaaS- orchestration is necessary for a healthy system.

Zulily & Google: Unveiling a World of Data

Zulily is a rapidly expanding e-commerce company that launches more than 9,000 product styles and 100 promotional sales events daily. Central to Zulily’s strategy and decision making process is big data and analytics: hundreds of business users and customers needed access to exponentially growing data to make near real-time decisions.

To achieve this goal, Zulily selected Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to replace legacy infrastructure and “redesign the way it processed, analyzed and used big data.” The current system combined “storage and compute” on the same machines; “this offered low latency but increased cost over time because growth in storage is much higher [than in] computational requirements.” In addition, the company needed to “aggregate multiple data sources, including the website clickstream, email, and advertising data from various ad partners.”

On June 2014, GCP began developing a solution that combined “Hadoop on Google Compute Engine, data storage in Google Cloud Storage and analytics using Google BigQuery” to design, code, deploy and manage Zulily’s system.

Zulily saw immense results just six months after deploying their cloud-based data system in GCP. Because “business users now have item-level visibility,” Zulily’s leadership was able to optimize sales and marketing strategies, and “adjust them quickly to improve ROI.” Merchandisers also reaped rewards from the GCP data system through access to detailed analytics that was not previously visible. Lastly, the organization also experienced an increase in employee productivity with BigQuery’s ability to cut the “runtime of complex queries from minutes or hours down to a matter of seconds.”

Dev9 and Big Data

Businesses in today’s world need dynamic data processing that is able to aggregate and organize data in a meaningful way to business users to enable a company to deliver value to its customers and compete in the market. Dev9 has worked on turning static data actionable in multiple ways.

First, we have turned data that was simply stored for later data-mining into data streams that allow the organization to leverage large amounts of generated data into actionable events. This enabled our past and current clients to have real-time responses to customer interactions. In addition, dynamic data streams also give organizations the ability to monitor information related to business process health. Dev9 also creates data-warehouses and data lakes that were processed by big data mining tools such as Hadoop and Spark. These tools gave customers more insight from the existing data, enabling better decision making. 


There’s no denying that BI is exponentially moving to the cloud. Cloud BI promises organizations better scalability and elasticity, ease of use and access, availability, a functional cloud-based relational database, and reduced costs. But remember that Cloud BI isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to your data and analytics needs. With public cloud platforms becoming more commonplace in BI and analytics deployments, the need for greater PaaS- and IaaS-level added integration becomes a top priority.

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