Dev9 Achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

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KIRKLAND, Wash., May 3, 2018 ( - Dev9, a Kirkland, WA software development consultancy specializing in cloud modernization for enterprise and midmarket companies, announced today that it has achieved AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status. Advanced partners have completed extensive technical training, successfully delivered multiple complex implementations on AWS, and met a rigorous set of qualifications to achieve Amazon’s coveted partner status.

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"Dev9 proudly partners with AWS to deploy high scale, high availability cloud native software across AWS' top cloud customer," said Gabe Hicks, CTO of Dev9. "Becoming an Advanced Consulting partner acknowledges Dev9's software engineering expertise and unwavering focus on customer success across the cloud modernization journey. Clients can be assured when engaging Dev9 to leverage AWS and other cloud service providers that they are receiving world-class expertise from our teams today and well into the future."

Last year, Dev9 partnered with a global travel technology company to address their challenges of rising data storage costs and governance requirements using AWS. Dev9 re-architected a pre-existing interaction service application that streams billions of event-based notifications to 70% of the organization’s business critical systems. During the project, Dev9 leveraged AWS Aurora, Kinesis, EC2, Lambda, SNS, Elasticache, CloudWatch, S3, and Athena, replacing the previous large SQL server cluster. The result was long-term scalability, improved reliability and performance, while decreasing over 90% of annual IT investment. The current software in place is managed in-house, and allows the enterprise to influence supplier strategy netting more inventory, price flexibility, and revenue.

Across its extensive portfolio of implementations, Dev9’s certified architects and developers make extensive use of AWS services including Aurora, SQS, Kinesis, Redshift, Elastic Load Balancing, Lambda, RDS, EC2, CloudHSM, DynamoDB, S3, CloudWatch, and ECS solutions to accelerate delivery and simplify the maintenance of enterprise-grade infrastructure and platforms.

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