How T-Mobile is Using Containers in Production to Increase Uptime and Save Money

Since taking off in 2013, Docker has been making waves in technology. Self-described as “lightweight, stand-alone executables package(s),” Docker provides businesses with “standardized units for development, shipment, and deployment.” With proper usage, containers can be an immense Cloud adoption acceleration tool that increases uptime and production.

GeekWire’s recent article on a Docker meetup with T-Mobile on Tuesday, recounts how the telecommunications giant is leveraging containers to their advantage. This Sunday will mark T-Mobile’s first full “year of running containers in production” with “zero downtime.”

T-Mobile also experienced a drastic improvement in uptime and production. During their presentation, T-Mobile engineers “showed how T-Mobile can replicate its entire Cloud infrastructure running in Oregon on AWS servers over to the US-East region in about seven minutes, a process that could take up to size hours for applications that aren’t running in containers.”

And while T-Mobile is still “edging onto the Cloud” with only “15 percent of its app workloads on Amazon Web Services,” their wild success with Cloud and containers indicates a coming change.