Meeting the Demands of Today’s Sophisticated B2B Consumer

In today’s omnichannel commerce environment, meeting the demands of customers can be a challenge, particularly for B2B and B2B2X-driven organizations. Businesses today face the pressure of delivering the same seamless interactions to B2B users that they’re accustomed to in their personal retail experiences. Additionally, off-the-shelf solutions alone aren’t enough to meet the demands of organizations with complex buying structures and back-end integrations. How can your business implement an e-commerce platform that will keep pace with the ever-changing demands of users and respond to the unique and complicated needs imposed by your business infrastructure?  

Empowering Your Business for Streamlined Commerce

Unlike other solution implementers, we start with identifying your unique business needs and pair them with the appropriate lean e-commerce platform to design a tailored solution that is right for you. We’ll never recommend a monolithic e-commerce platform and expect you to change your business to fit the platform.

Dev9 knows that selecting the foundational technology for your e-commerce is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. We have come across many e-commerce software solutions, and we’re pleased to partner with the best technology providers in the industry who offer easily-customized, open-source solutions.

 Features of our partner technologies include:

  • Architecture built on Microservices using industry leading open source technologies -Solution enhancements designed to mitigate platform upgrade challenges
  • Managed, Cloud and SaaS-based offerings
  • 100% flexibility and creativity for e-commerce set-up-State-of-the-art dynamic customer experiences  

During our engagement, Dev9 will work with you to pick the right base technology solution for your unique organization, then enhance it to meet your specific business needs.

We help companies build the right e-commerce foundation to enable business success. We build technology that fits into your business rather than implementing a platform that forces your business to conform to it. We work with you in the process of selecting, customizing and implementing the right technology tools that will set your business up for long-term success.  

Digital Commerce Assessment

Dev9’s Digital Commerce Assessment ensures the right technology is developed for your business needs today, and to enable your growth in the future. During the assessment, our team is immersed in an on-site deep-dive into your organization to gain a better understanding of your business, goals and objectives.

We will uncover how e-commerce solutions will work within your ecosystem, identifying what could happen upstream, and downstream that could have future implications.  Assessment engagements can range from strategy, digital commerce readiness, architectural mapping, near-term goal definition, long-distance e-commerce objective definition and establishment of development roadmaps. The assessment is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization and your goals.

Custom Development and Implementation

Dev9’s core offering is an integrated, cross-functional software development team. Successful teams combine developers’ individual skills, technical expertise and experience. Our teams typically range from three to eight people and include a mix of architecture, development, project management, quality and deployment services. Projects are run iteratively via Kanban-based project management, following Continuous Delivery best practices.  

Enterprise Cloud Management and Extended Solution Support

Our work isn’t done when implementation is complete. Dev9 is pleased to offer optional Enterprise Cloud Management and Extended Solution Support to our clients.  Dev9 engineers and strategic solution partners operate with a "cloud first" mentality. Throughout the development process, Dev9 will build an effective delivery pipeline and core infrastructure with proper monitoring, enabling us to offer on-going Enterprise Cloud Management for your organization allowing you to focus on your business, not on your infrastructure. We also offer Extended Solution Support. Dev9 will support your business objectives by providing team members to assist you with adding minor feature functionality enhancements, apply vendor patches and advisory assistance for your solution. When your solution is kept up-to-date with the vendor’s patches, major upgrades become less difficult resulting in lower overall costs and up-time. We can bundle our ECM and ESS services, allowing customers the greatest level of coverage for their solution without the need to hire additional resources to manage and maintain the infrastructure or storefront.


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