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Securing DevOps in AWS


Port 99 Building
2001 8th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
12th floor, Room 11.102



Securing DevOps in AWS

One of the leading concerns businesses have for adopting a cloud-first mentality centers on security. This presentation will discuss a range of practices, policies and tools designed to decrease your security surface area. We will discuss adding security testing to Continuous Delivery pipelines via tests and build plugins, checklists for building container-based artifacts, VPN & VPC configurations, Multifactor Authentication, IAM & Role appropriations, enforcing encrypted traffic using security groups and automating security patching. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of where risks exist for projects, a starting checklist on how to start secure projects within AWS and a solid outline on how to incorporate security into your build pipelines.

Goals of this presentation include:

  • Securing your AWS account and environments
  • Adding security through automated tests and tools
  • Processes adding to a “first to know” policy

Presented by Mike Ensor, VP of Delivery at Dev9

Mike Ensor is a hands-on software architect with 20 years of experience in backend development, e-commerce, Cloud architectures, distributed systems and big data implementations. Throughout his career he has continually pushed the use of test-driven development and emphasized the merits of Agile-based development.