The Microservices Lifecycle in a PaaS on AWS


Port 99 Building
2001 8th Ave
12th Floor
Seattle, WA 98121

Boxed lunches will be provided.

The industry is blurring the lines between PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Companies today are challenged with resource constraints in IT, resulting in long delivery cycles. How can a company deploy efficiently and reliably with minimal IT oversight while maintaining flexibility in application delivery options?

In this talk, we will walk through the lifecycle of a microservice-based solution architected within the AWS ecosystem. We will discuss an emerging industry approach that uses a combination of PaaS with containers. We will also demonstrate a model for delivering an application on a PaaS platform in AWS.

This is a 101-level presentation. Participants will not need to understand AWS, but some understanding of the software development lifecycle and benefits of microservices will help.

Key Takeaways:

-       Learn the benefits of a PaaS model over IaaS model
-       Get a glimpse of the delivery process that can streamline an application
-       How microservices developed with Docker can run in Elastic Beanstalk

AWS services covered:  Beanstalk, IAM, ELB, VPC, MFA, Security groups, CloudFormation, CloudWatch

Presented by Mike Ensor, VP of Software Delivery at Dev9

Mike Ensor is a hands-on software architect with 20 years of experience in backend development, e-commerce, Cloud architectures, distributed systems and big data implementations. Throughout his career he has continually pushed the use of test-driven development and emphasized the merits of Agile-based development.