Hippo CMS

Dev9 is delighted to be an implementation partner for Java-based open source CMS solutions based on Hippo CMS.

If you need a CMS implementation requiring integration with internal and/or external systems as well as frequent deployments, we should chat. We build custom software solutions based on Continuous Delivery - a set of processes and tools based on a combination of Lean and the heavy use of automation. This focus on automation allows for fast, iterative market experimentation, including the deployment of A/B tests for both code and content.

After an exhaustive analysis of over 200 content management systems, Dev9 is pleased to have identified Hippo CMS as a modern, highly scalable, enterprise-grade content management system.

Some of the deciding factors:

Content-as-a-service model for development:
By decoupling the CMS from rendering web pages, editorial teams get a faster, leaner CMS while developers get the flexibility to build best-of-breed AngularJS, iOS, and Android applications.

Support for Continuous Delivery best practices:
Continuous Delivery best practices include a focus on rapid deployment, with the use of automated tests to ensure frequent, high quality releases. Hippo CMS provides integrated support for automated builds, automated tests, and integration of sliced production data for development.

An Enjoyable Development Experience:
If you have ever tried to get a Java developer to work on your enterprise or in-house CMS, you know that it can be a challenge. Because Hippo CMS is a modern, light-weight Java-based CMS, you won't have to bribe your developers to work on it.

Java-based Scalability and Security:
Popular PHP-based CMS packages suffer from frequent security challe
nges. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if there was a robust test suite for your system, some of the systems on offer don't include rich test suites. This makes every upgrade to a new plugin or core system an exercise in fear. The combination of the scalability, security and flexibility of a Java-based system make for a much more reliable system.

Check out our sample Hippo CMS project on GitHub, demonstrating the use of Swagger to generate documentation for Hippo CMS-based REST Services...

Typical CMS-related engagements include integration and development of web services at scale. Typical projects include integration with SQL, NoSQL, and other enterprise systems. Dev9 also builds rich client-side applications, leveraging platforms such as AngularJS, Android, and iOS.