An assessment is a low-cost examination of your current technology assets, a review of your goals, and a proposal for moving forward.

The best time to conduct an assessment is before you launch a costly and highly visible project - when you can think more strategically about upcoming initiatives.

Typical Goals

  • Validate your project's proposed direction - What information does your business need? What are your goals?
  • Build awareness and support for your initiative across the organization
  • Identify roadblocks to success, which in turn accelerates delivery, eliminates wasted efforts, and provides support for contingency planning
  • Improve the probability of project success
  • Pave the way for a smooth start

Our Approach

We spend a few days onsite with your team conducting interviews, evaluating systems, data infrastructure and data management processes. We then combine our findings with our experience, established architectural fundamentals, modern development methodologies, and industry best practices to create a set of recommendations and a roadmap to a high performance and sustainable environment.

Typical Deliverables

  • Gap Analysis - Gaps in skills, tools, and processes
  • Inventory - Strategic level view of existing systems, applications, integration points and other assets. Includes both quantitative & qualitative assessments based on industry standards
  • Action Plan - Training, pairing and other up-front activities needed. Resource needs identified.

Interested in more information or putting an assessment together?  Drop us a line and see how we can help.