We help organizations shape their Cloud infrastructure.

A virtual network configured in the Cloud can be launched in a matter of minutes and ready for immediate use. Using automation, the Cloud enables environments to be reconfigured easily, scaled up or down automatically to meet usage patterns and optimize spending, or shut down temporarily or permanently.

Dev9 partners with organizations in implementing a defined tactical strategy. We assist clients in a range of activities from designing and implementing fully automated Cloud deployment practices, to taking legacy applications and retrofitting telemeters for real-time monitoring.

We assist companies who are ready to make a move to the Cloud by providing expertise in migrating off internal data centers into any public Cloud.

  • Assess, define, train and migrate your organization from expensive data centers into any public Cloud
  • Leverage our DevOps engineering leadership – we have a track record of designing and implementing a comprehensive, high-confidence deployment pipeline utilizing continuous delivery principles
  • Let us assist with critical decisions involving tradeoffs between capacity, availability and partitioning
  • Intelligently increase self-service capabilities while maintaining governance balances between costs
    and team autonomy
  • Conduct a Continuous Delivery Maturity model to see how effective your
    organization is with continuous delivery

Your organization’s journey to the Cloud is unique. If you are concerned with reducing cost and complexity, you will have a different journey to the Cloud than if you are focused on driving growth or diversifying your business.

Dev9 partners with you to build the future of your business computing, with the velocity required to make your organization successful.


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