Java, Brewed Fresh Since 1995  

We have worked with everything from the original applets (dating back to 1995) through the most modern systems and frameworks. One area of particular expertise around our modern Java development strategy is the integration of tools and processes to create a smooth, high velocity environment. This includes the use of continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins or TeamCity) in conjunction with Maven and a binary repository management solution (e.g. Artifactory, Nexus). By pairing these solutions with source code management tools (e.g. Subversion or Git) we have high productivity and complete traceability.  When paired with cloud-based deployment and automated test suites, we offer unparalleled speed and quality.

Our Java implementation, processes, and tools are based on Continuous Delivery principles.

If you are a Java developer, you may find several Dev9-sponsored open source templates and libraries available for public use of interest.

Interested in our Java development services? Drop us a line, we'd love to talk.

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