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Existing applications & website are typically geared toward desktop applications - but the vast majority of growth is in the adoption of tablets and increasingly powerful smart phones.

When thinking about your mobile applications, here are some key points to consider: 

  • Pros & cons of native device development, versus a responsive design that leverages standards, but retains native hardware support
  • Testability - how you make sure your application is designed to be testable on a large variety of screens & interfaces (touch & mouse) 
  • Integration, security & scalability - how to leverage standards such as REST/JSON to build applications that support multiple client devices

This is a space that is moving quickly - we can help you sort out the best strategy, process, tools, and team to bring your software to as wide a range of users as possible in a cost-effective manner. 


Strategic Guidance & Assessments: A successful mobile strategy depends on alignment between business goals and technical reality. Dev9 uses a robust, proven methodology paired to lightweight Agile teams to develop mobility strategies and roadmaps.

Mobile App Development: Targeted, context-specific delivery of content to a handset. Platform and technology agnostic, Dev9 provides frameworks, tools, and accelerators for all the major platforms, including iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7/8 and more.

Mobile Web Development: Cast a wide net of content & device support. Dev9 uses standards-based frameworks which enable native-feeling, rich user experiences across a wide range of mobile devices. Write once, run everywhere.

Tools: Our broad experience with a wide variety of tools combined with our strict “no reseller” policy ensures best fit recommendations for our clients.