We'll help you modernize apps to the Cloud.

How do you manage the transition to the Cloud? Dev9 recommends multiple stages. Just like you would avoid a Big Bang migration if you were doing a platform modernization project, the same applies to transitioning your systems to the
Cloud. Take it one piece at a time.

Dev9 works with organizations ranging from mid-sized organizations to major enterprises. In every case, we deliver Cloud solutions that best suit the needs and requirements for each business.

We believe that understanding how an application is built and maintained is as important to your return on investment as where the application is deployed. Until the last few years, maintaining custom software has been a cumbersome and difficult task. Unmaintained software has a shelf-life of up to 5 years before it has been surpassed by new technology and development practices. Dev9 works with clients to modernize legacy applications into easily maintainable projects consisting of automated testing suites and single-click deployments.

  • Breaking up monolith applications using techniques like Event Storming workshops, data modeling and data flow analysis
  • Introduce Cloud-ready modern application design principles such as reactive design and event streaming
  • Securely increase application and data visibility to your audiences using API gateways, service discovery, self-healing networks and elastic scale
  • Increase your test suite throughput by harnessing Cloud elastic scale and run larger suites in less time

At Dev9, we've helped many organizations migrate successfully to the cloud, and we can help you.


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