Modernizing Complex Applications

Replacing an Underperforming Login System with a Robust, Scalable Service and no Downtime

Technical Challenge

A leading entertainment company had an existing login system that was not meeting usage demands and was highly interdependent on existing services. This system was critical to drive consumer interactions with the client's digital properties. The client needed a clean, fast API to share with all of their internal divisions.

Why they Chose Dev9

The client needed a firm with extensive experience with Platform Modernization. It was critical that they experienced no downtime during the transition. Dev9's Quality Analysis (QA) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices ensure that they could make the move without losing critical user engagement.

Dev9's Value & Challenges Overcame

Dev9's first goal was to contain complexity so that other internal organizations could build on the service. In addition, these services could have no downtime or disruption. Dev9 built a robust test suite to test the core application. Once these passed, a series of performance tests were run with the underlying components to identify bottlenecks. The implementation continues to be solid,  and handling on going growth and seasonal spikes in load without incident.

Project Results

The application has been extremely reliable. The client has experienced no downtime since launch. The application met the goal of on-boarding an internal business unit in a timely fashion while meeting stringent scalability and redundancy requirements. In addition, numerous other business units have on-boarded to the application. The robust test suite allows for refactoring or adding new features with minimal to no risk of regressions.