Modern Data Solutions With NoSQL

In addition to traditional SQL packages, an emerging group of NoSQL packages provides radically different performance characteristics and capabilities. Some of these packages include: 

We have found that the best solutions often involve combining these technologies in interesting ways, often in conjunction with existing data storage solutions. For example, combining Neo4j with MongoDB provides a fast, highly performant solution for managing both documents and relationships in real-time - with billions of documents and relationships.

Key Considerations

When implementing Big Data / NoSQL packages, you'll need to consider the following:

  • Backup & Restore
  • Clustering
  • Monitoring
  • Standardized Interfaces (think APIs, not direct data access) 
  • Performance testing
  • DevOps integration (adding appropriate configuration management) 

We have successfully implemented Big Data / NoSQL solutions involving millions to billions of records.  For more information on our Big Data & NoSQL solutions, see our section on Real Time Information