Break Free of Your Monolithic Applications

Many companies rely on legacy applications to fulfill critical business needs. These applications can be difficult to work with, challenging to add new features to and are often very complex to learn. 

If you are part of one of these companies, you may feel held hostage by your legacy applications. Adding new features is taxing and frustrating, training new programmers is costly and time consuming, and you need a more flexible, robust solution. Furthermore, finding employees with experience building such a solution can be difficult. 

Microservices for Flexibility and Scalability

Existing legacy applications are typically built as a single system that fulfills multiple business needs. With all the pieces within the monolith relying on each other, if one piece breaks, other pieces can fail in unpredictable ways, making it difficult to update and maintain. This same complex nature makes it difficult to train new employees when your business needs evolve. Because the whole system must be replicated for any one piece to work, monolithic applications are costly to scale and inflexible. 

Using microservice architecture, we can break monoliths into multiple, single-purpose services. These decoupled services are highly flexible and can be combined in any way to meet any need. Microservices can be scaled independently, which increases reliability and allows for individual services to expand as needed. Focused design makes each component easier to learn and work with. Microservices communicate through fixed interfaces (bound content) and are designed to gracefully handle failure.


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