Replacement of two incumbent content management systems for a leading outdoor outfitter.

A leading outdoor outfitter had two CMS platforms after they experienced an incomplete migration. Both were cumbersome, legacy CMS solutions that dictated the way content was curated and distributed. This led to a functional - but extremely restrictive - content pipeline that was very difficult to work with. Finally, these systems had high licensing and operating costs. This difficult and pricey situation drove the organization to seek out a new, single, more flexible CMS solution.

Dev9 identified the desired end state and worked backwards. We used Hippo CMS as a headless CMS solution to decouple the customer experience from the content structure. This allowed migration from each of the two incumbent content management systems to happen with insignificant disruption. Hippo now allows them to distribute their content in a organization-wide interface by using a search engine. As a result, they are no longer tied to a specific implementation, the system is more robust, new content is created and published quickly, deployments are of smaller size and can be released more frequently, and content can be utilized in more channels than before with less effort.

Technologies Utilized: Hippo, Elasticsearch, Jenkins